Wes B

Hiphop from Waterloo, IA, United States

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Young lyricist and crooner known to many by Wes B. Support the Dream #WeActive


Wes B


Wes B is an up and coming lyricist from Waterloo, IA. Wes has many talents, with skills in hip-hop, singing, acting, dancing, and poetry. He is also a pianist and percussionist. Wes has been performing since the age of 13, developing his musical skills in church. Wes' faith is very important to him, and he believes that through God, all things are possible. Losing his mother at such a young age (3 years old) was devastating for him, but he chose to turn that tragedy into a positive by sharing his story with the rest of the world through music. His message is that everything happens for a reason, and although troubles are going to arise sometimes in life, through faith and determination, we all can persevere.

Wes currently attends Wartburg College in Waterloo, IA. He has become the exception to a growing problem of young males dropping out of college in Iowa. Wes has decided to use his musical talents to reach out to the youth of Iowa, and help with the effort to address this issue of Iowa's young people giving up on their education.

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